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MAKR Carry Goods makes beautiful things, from wallets to bags, keys to stools they do it using the best of modern technology paired with the attentive care of old world artisans. The designs are considered and without fuss, classics made in modern times.

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The GQ Gift Guide 2012: For the Ballers

Joey Roth Ceramic Speakers + Subwoofer

These speakers aren’t just minimalist in design: with a mere ten watts per channel, they’re probably not blowing away your current setup anytime soon. However, with their acoustically dead porcelain and cork housings, all the power goes exactly where it should, and, well, just look at them—we haven’t seen anything this simultaneously organic and futuristic since RoboCop, and he was a damn sight less pleasant to listen to.

$1,095, available at

Bottega Veneta Shirt Boxes
You know what they say, that the box you individually pack your shirt in for travel should cost more than the shirt itself. No one says that? Well, they should when talking about these artisan-crafted cases from Bottega Veneta, featuring the house’s iconic intreccio woven leather.

$690, each, available at Bottega Veneta stores

Eames Lounger Set
A La-Z-Boy recliner for the high-design set, the Eames lounger set is equal parts functional furniture piece and modern-art icon. The black leather and walnut is a slick addition to any bachelor pad or man cave, and chances are the last chair and ottoman combo you had wasn’t in the permanent collection at MoMA.

$4,499, available at

Assouline Library
Want to turn that spare room into a study but don’t want to actually, you know, do any of the work curating a library? The folks at Assouline will design, build, and, stock one for you, complete with a collection of their lushly photographed tomes on everything from classic cars to far-off locales.

From $125,000, for more information call 888-723-2099

Scout Field Bed
For those of you who say you could sleep in your well-worn selvedge jeans, your camping gear of choice as arrived. The Scout Field Bed is made of Italian organic selvedge on the outside and soft Japanese chambray on the inside, with Chromexel horsehide pulls and antique brass zippers completing the heritage hat trick; if you’re not camping in the Adirondacks bare-chested with a curly mustache&well frankly, you’ve let the bag down.

$487, available at

Leica x Hermès Camera and Carrying Bag
The rare coming together of two companies that actually makes sense. Leica and Hermès, both known for their quiet focus on the highest forms of craftsmanship, join up for this set that includes an Hermès leather-wrapped Leica, three lenses, and exclusive Hermès camera bag to carry it all in.

$50,000, for more information visit

James DeWulf Concrete Pool Table
Every guy has dreams a pool table; this is a fact. However, nothing says middle-aged man cave like a bit hunk of dark wood and dirty felt in the middle of your living room. This modernist concrete and steel rendition from James DeWulf is the answer, for MoMA members who still want to have actual fun at home.

From $16,000, available at

Cartier Custom Fragrance
If true luxury today has as much to do with quality as it does exclusivity, Cartier can guarantee both by crafting a signature scent for you from scratch. The process involves three appointments with Cartier’s perfumer, Mathilde Laurent (left), to determine desired notes and once produced, the truly one-of-a-kind fragrance comes issued in a Baccarat flask.

$39,000 (est.), for more information call 800-277-8437

Dolce & Gabbana x Grado Labs DS2012 Headphones
The Italian duo teams up with the audiophile favorites for a pair of handsome headphones that bring Grado technology to style-minded men. The pair is handmade with mahogany wood details that ensure the cans look as sharp as they sound.

$1,250, available at select Dolce & Gabbana stores

Anna Karlin Cap and Bottle Opener
File under things that do only one thing, as beautifully as possible: The Anna Karlin cap and bottle opener are each cast from pure brass, giving them a luxurious heft your keychain could only dream of. And as for the price, well—you know what they say about having to ask.

Contact for